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Thursday, January 19, 2006

How IT Services Company screw up your Career

Andrew Grove, the former CEO of Intel once said "Your Career Is Your Business". I read his book Only The Paranoid Survive when I was in college. I did not quite understand what he meant. But after 6 years of working in a leading IT services company, I now know what he exactly meant when he said "Your career is your business".

If you are one of those guys who think, that if you work honestly and with utmost commitment for your company, your company would treat you well, then you might be one of the biggest fools

One of my friends did some crappy production support work for years in a onsite assignment. He was analytically good. His communication skills were excellent. He was made for something better. But his company wanted him to do some production support work and he did it dilligently. After 3 years of working in that project and neglecting his career he returned back to India. He now wanted something worthy of his abilities. Since he was onsite, his offshore salary did not increase the way it should have and he did not get any progression too. He thought,that it was time for his company to increase his salary and progress him. He approached his manager....

My Friend: Venkat, I want to discuss with you about my salary and promotion.
Venkat: Sure..Sure..Can you schedule a meeting sometime next week..

My friend schedules a meeting the next week..
My Friend: Venkat, I feel my Salary is bad and also my band is low. I have been onsite for 3 years doing some crappy production support work. I had to reset passwords and things like that...
Venkat: See boss.. As far as the work is concerned, you knew what you would be doing when you went there right?
My Friend: Yah. But I was doing it for the company. The company wanted me to work
Venkat: Come on.. It was for the money right?
My Friend: Yes it was also a part of the deal. But that was not the only thing. I wanted a good role too but I was told my the onsite account manager about how it would be a negative thing on the client if I was replaced.
Venkat: Yah. Thats correct. Also it would be difficult to get a resource to replace you because no body would want to do that kind of low end work.
My Friend: So dont you think, I should now get what I deserve?
Venkat: See are getting what a person of your skillset would get in the market. To be honest, you dont have any hot skill in the market. Then how can you expect those kind of salaries?
My Friend: But, how was I to learn anything when I was in that crappy project?
Venkat: Thats your problem...

WOW !!! Thats the reality. Nobody cares about you. There is nothing called as a Free Lunch. Its all about saving your ass.