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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Manju Episode - Is there hope for our country?

Manju was killed for doing his job. So was Satyendra Dubey.
An IIM grad decided to work for an Indian Public Sector company and paid the price.

These are the times when I feel
1) Will India ever have a bright future?
2) Has Democracy worked for us?
3) Should we have army rule or Singapore's Lee style rule?
4) Why is North India (UP/Bihar/MP)the way it is?
5) When will people stop being corrupt
6) We had an Indian or an Anniyan who could set things right by force.

Well these are the questions that come out when you think with frustration and anger in mind.

I feel most of the ills in our country are a result of the British Rule and the stupid Congress-Socialistic rule during the past 58 years.
The British not only enslaved us but also created a generation of people who only learnt to obey their masters. This generation did not know how to create businesses and create wealth. They believed that working for the government was the the greatest thing one could do. After independence, our policies were not to encourage private businesses. This created huge organizations without competetion which ran rather inefficiently. This also created a generation of people who held power and could sell/use that to make money for themselves. The license, quota permit raj of the Congress government created this.... License for petrol pumps, gas agencies etc etc.
This created way for powerful people to form nexus with politicians. These guys funded election campaings in return for favors. Would this have been possible if HPCL or BPCL was a private enterprise?
How do you get the licenses for petrol pumps? Ofcourse Bribe your way and use your connections.
Who is there to question? Who questions about quality of service you provide?
No one.
Manju was killed because, he did his job. He wanted to shut down a Petrol Pump which was indulging in adulteration.

Coming back to the basic question,Is there hope for our country? I would say "Yes" but with caution. The only way to reduce corruption is to avoid giving avenues for people to make money.Privatise and make corporations accountable.
Well. I know this wont happen as long as those sick communists are alive but we have hope.
Our hope is our generation which grew up witnessing these acts of corruption.
Hope Manju's and Dubey's sacrifices won't be futile.

As I type this, I think, when I come back to India, would I bribe the customs guys at the airport?
I hope I have the courage to pay what's due and walk without greasing the palms of a corrupt customs man.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dilbert - Funny strip on Outsourcing "Benefits"

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Outsourcing is here to stay

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Are Indians Courteous?
Surely we are not.

One of the qualities of Americans I really love is their courteousness. This is something which Indians must surely learn.I believe this is all a part of becoming a powerful economy and increased education. Also its a case of cultural difference I guess. Or is it proportional to your growth and development?

Right of Way
Pedestrians always have the right of way in the United States. I believe that this is a part of courtesy which has been enforced by law. The government has taken upon itself to bring in discipline and manners.

Holding the door for a person behind you..
This is an amazing habit which I see in people out here. If someone is just behind you and you are about to open and enter a room, you hold the door so that the person also comes in. What if you leave the door? Nothing much, he might just have a broken nose :-)

People here always Thank others. Its a cultural thing I guess. We never say Thanks to others who help us, who do small things for us. We think its our prerogative that others should do things for us. Or may be we are just indifferent. Yes..That's the thing. Its indifference towards other's sensitivities that makes us the way we are.
A small thanks and an acknowledgement appreciating a person's gesture goes a long way.

They have a lot of patience when it comes to dealing with people. Our guys get pissed off when it comes to explaining some thing over and over. We just want to get over and get done with it. We don't do proper and deep research and try to help people out. But this is something the Americans do.

Snide Remarks
I happened to meet a person who had just landed from India. I hardly knew him for 10 minutes and he passes a rather insinuating remark. What did he think? I would appreciate his rude comment?
I do not have too many American friends but have some. They are generally so courteous and never hit at your personally. Again I think its a cultural thing. We are indifferent to other's sensitivities.

I guess a lot of these above points are to do with our economic background and a lot due to the cultural difference and there is a lot of scope for correction to happen.
As usual your comments are welcome!!