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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oregon Coast
After our trip to the Olympic National Park, we headed south to one of the most scenic byways in US - the pacific highway 101. We were praying for sun and we got lots of it.

4 mile long Megler Bridge Connecting WA and OR

Scenic Viewpoint from 101

Sand Dunes Near Cape Lookout Statepark

View from Cape Foulweather

View of 101 from Cape Perpetua

Oregon Dunes
Desert like areas can be found along the Oregon coast amidst thick evergreen vegetation. Its like the reverse of an Oasis. These are formed by the action of wind currents which lift the ocean sands and deposit them in the middle of the forest thereby creating dunes which resemble those in a desert

Olympic National Forest - A 3 in 1 wonder
We were at the Olympic national park in Washington state for the long weekend and it was one of my best trips so far in the US. This national park has 3 types of ecosystems within a small radius.
1) Mountains
2) Rain Forests
3) Beaches

Hurricane Ridge

Elwha River Valley

Ruby Beach

Quinalt Rain Forest


Cascade Waterfalls - Quinalt

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Interesting Dance and Music Style - Caporal

We were at the Festival of Nations last week in St.Paul. There were performers from various nations (or ones settled here in US). One dance that caught our attention was the Caporal dance from Bolivia. The first thing that caught my attention was the pleasant music of course until when my wife pointed me to a few other noticeable things.

The great thing about this dance form is that they have a common beat across all songs. The guys are dressed in traditional Spanish military attire and the ladies are in short skirts. Very nice !!!( Borat Style)
Another very distinctive piece of the music was the Bolivian Pan Flute used in the Caporal songs. It has a very different sort of tone, which is very different from other flutes.

I tracked down the original song and here's the link to the amazing music and dance from Bolivia. This is a song "Soy Caporal" by Tupay which was performed at the festival.

Friday, May 11, 2007

It Happens Only in India !!