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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pakistan's Missile Shopping List

India should be Shit Scared....They can carpet missile every city and town in India if they want to. Thanks to Rediff for letting us know

Saturday, January 13, 2007

NAMEsis !!!
One of the funniest things I've noticed is when parents lovingly name their child but it turns out to be a funny name because of the pronunciation or spelling.

Here are a few funny ones I've heard
The first set belongs to a category that are beautiful Indian names but when spelt in English and read by an American can spawn a few laughter tornadoes.

1) Shitij - SHIT - IJ
2) Analjit - ANAL -Jit
3) Anusha - ANUS -Ha
4) Dikshit - DIK - SHIT ?????

Mallus and their naming conventions
Mallus must be the most notorious when it comes to naming their kids. There is a classic post by Sidin explaining this. Mallu Christians lead the pack with ridiculous names which are formed by a simple formula.
1 Syllable - 1 Vowel - 1 Syllable - 1 Vowel
For eg, Jijo, Sini, Lijo, Joji, Suni etc..

But some mallus break the above rule and name their kids fashionably..Like

1) Titty
2) Tiny
3) Boobly

These are a few funny ones I've heard from friends who have relatives by these names. I feel bad for those kids when they grow up and have to face jokes !!

Imagine if a boy is named Tiny.... What are his chances of getting a date or marriage proposal?
Tiny meets a girl and the conversation goes
Tiny : Hi..I am Tiny
Girl: Why are you telling me ? Why don't you visit a doctor !!!

And the girl Boobly !!! Oh my god. Don't have to write..

Lastly even my name was murdered by an insurance agent once.He asked me how to pronounce my name and I said "Sandesh Aravind" and he said
As in SAND - ASH - AIR - WIND !!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mallus would know the famous question asked by Srinivasan to check if Mohan Lal ever visited America --- "How many Kilometers from Washington D.C to Miami Beach?"
I don't think now thats a question anyone should ask a person to check if he has been to the US. Anyway, I guess Srinivasan was correct in asking that question since Mohan Lal claimed to live in a city called "American Junction"...
I have been staying here for 2.5 years now and I don't know how many kilometers from Washington D.C to Miami Beach....
But what I know is, there are 236 miles from Orlando to Miami Beach and its a glorious drive..

One of the most beautiful places in the US --- a totally different world from the rest of the US. The south beach in Miami is a mix of Art Deco architecture style buildings and hispanic/spanish cultures. The beach itself is beautiful on a sunny day with the Atlantic appearing green.
Some pics from our trip last week...