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Saturday, February 17, 2007

CNBC Style of Stock Market news

CNBC and TV 18 have a unique and funny way to report Ups and downs in stock markets. Some of the gems from their arsenal.

Sweet time for Sugar stocks
Cement companies on a Concrete foundation
Telecom stocks ringing in gains
Metal stocks shine on a dull day
Electrifying performance by Power stocks
Oil Stocks on Fire
Textile sector weaving gains
McDowell in high spirits
Airlines stocks takes off
Titan Industries Clocks gains
Banking stocks minting money
Auto stocks in Fifth Gear

Friday, February 16, 2007

When IQ increases you let the communists rule your state

Now I know the reason why Bengalis and Mallus vote for the stupid communists who promise utopian rule.

A study by a British-American team has found that "Children born to mothers who ate at least three servings of fish a week during pregnancy had significantly higher scores in tests of mental function in their early years"

Its the goddamn fish that pregnant women eat that makes the kid's IQ very high. When your IQ increases you lose the ability to think normally and function like a normal human being. All this while I was thinking that the mallus and Bongs were crazy.