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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Creative Commercial from Target

Target is always known for its creative commercials. The latest "Hello Goodbuy" is one such classic ad. They've used the song "Hello Goodbye" (notice the spelling difference) from a Beatles Album.
See the Target Ad below

According to the website SplendAd, the following merchandise is featured in the ad

Soccer balls, a flat panel television, Etch A Sketch, guitars, doggie biscuits, soup, cosmetics, linens coming out of clothes dryers, Coca-Cola, vacuum cleaners, luggage, lamps, lightbulbs, swimsuit bikinis, Clorox Bleach Pen, bandages, garden gnomes, a Timex Retrograde watch, dancing Robosapiens, dancing Energizer 9 volt batteries, baby diapers, Weber grills, tennis racquets and balls, a clothesline full of boxer shorts, and men's swimming trunks.

And here is the Original...